Sunrise Team


As a Sunrise Professional I will Provide...

1. INFORMATION SHEET: It will provide pertinent facts about your home such as room sizes, price, personal property, features, bedrooms, baths, lot size, etc.. These will be used for marketing purposes.

2. A SUNRISE SIGN: My name will appear on the sign and it will be promptly placed on your property. My name and telephone number appears to ensure that interested callers will be able to contact me about particulars of your property. A personalized rider will aso be attached.

3. MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE: I will notify all of the agents in our area and will quickly advise the Local & National MLS of the availability of your home. It is my policy to encourage cooperating brokers to show your home.

4. PHOTOGRAPHER: A photographer will take an exterior photograph of your home within a few days. This will be used with the listing sheet and display advertising. For the best pictures, try to keep the garage door closed, the yard neat, and cars out of the driveway. An interior photo tour may also be used.

5. PROPERTY TOUR: I will schedule an open house for local Multiple Listing Service sales associates. The tour presents an outstanding opportunity to show your home to salespeople who are working with today's buyers.

6. PROPERTY SHOWINGS: Sales associates will want to show your home. Appointments should be made in advance. You will be given the name of the agent. You should know the approximate arrival time & write their name and number down.

7. CLIENT FOLLOW-UP: I will follow-up on showings. This will allow me to ascertain the level of client interest and to get meaningful feedback from the agent showing your home.

8. MARKETING AND PROMOTING YOUR HOME: As a Distinctive Properties client, you will be provided with a variety of advertising. As your sales associate I have my own marketing and advertising programs. Your home will receive maximum professional coverage including:

Local, State, and National

  • Magazine and Newspaper Advertising
  • Institutional Advertising
  • Classified Advertising
  • Relocation Kits
  • Target Marketing through Direct Mail
  • Scheduled Open Houses
  • Highly Visible For Sale Signs
  • Multiple Listing Service Exposure
  • Multiple Internet Site Exposure

    We'll be your partner until you finalize your sale and when you need assistance, We'll be available for you.

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